The Book is said to hold the treasure of knowledge from all times and places. It

A fine source of knowledge!
Vital statistics
Type Stat boost
Effects Intelligence +8
Source Pawn Shop
Cost to buy 120 G
Cost to sell 60 G
raises Intelligence by 8 points.

How to ObtainEdit

Head to town and visit the Pawn Shop. The Book can be purchased for 120G.

Notes Edit

The book is the cheapest and most efficient stat raising item from the pawn shop. However, Intelligence is one of the easiest stats to raise through classes, especially if you take Science classes.

If you work at the Bar, it would be a good idea to sell any books you have, as they will turn into dead weight at the rate bar work cuts through Intelligence.

There are items which raise stat points more efficiently per item space used, and you do have an item limit, so other items may be worth buying/gifting by the late game.

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