Black Scale
Black scale
Black Scale
Vital statistics
Type Skill boost
Effects Combat Defense +3
Source Black Mermaid (Drop), Treasure Chest, Random find
Cost to buy 500 G
Cost to sell 250 G

Black Scale increases Olive's combat defense by 3 points as long as the item is in her inventory.

How to Obtain Edit

Uses Edit

  • If you are low on money you can sell it for half the price
    • Note: you will lose the combat defense bonus when you sell it
  • Keep it in her inventory for an easy +3 to combat defense (recommended)

    Treasure chest in the Southern Lakes.

    • Only the adept level of the fighting class (and above) will boost combat defense and each weekly session will only boost it by 3-6 points (at 40-60G/day). By the time you hit the adept level your combat skill has likely already maxed so it becomes a bit of a money/time sink as you slowly grind your combat defense up to 100
    • This is one of the few ways to exceed her natural growth cap of 100

Recommendation Edit

A decent skill boost, however it's best complemented with armour and fighting classes. Combat defense is useful mostly if you're fighting one notable enemy: the War God. He will land a lot of hits regardless of your combat skill, so a high defense lets you tank those.

Black mermaids do not give good money or any other item, so don't try to rely too much on farming them for these. Think of it as a good boost to your natural defense as well as your armour.

Sell all the black scales after defeating the War God to free up inventory space for other stat boosting items such as the teacup/poetry book. It is best to do it after you've accumulated enough fighter/magical reputation if your combat defense is not high enough naturally (as some of the challengers may get annoying otherwise).

Trivia Edit

Olive can carry more than one black scale for cumulative effects.

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