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Not to be confused with the World's Greatest Detective.
Vital statistics
Hit Points ...
Magic Points ...
Morale Points ...
Resistance ...
Weakness ...

Fighter Statistics

HP: 100-240
MP: 0
Fighter Rep: ?
Magic Rep: 0-13
Morale: 90-300


  • Bat-men are the gentlemen of the forest.
  • The elves are experts in magic...
  • The forest is my home.
  • Have you met that murdering bandit?
  • Pseudo-dragons completely suck the sap out ot the trees in the forest.
  • Wandering the forest alone is risky...

Other Info

Bat-men will sometimes carry gold or a Healing Pill that you can confiscate upon defeating them.

You need at least 200 Sensitivity to talk with a Bat-man.

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