Baron Tellmark
"You may be an amateur, but I want you to work with the pride of a professional." ~ Baron Tellmark

Baron Tellmark is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Baron Tellmark is the owner of the cabaret. He can pay Olive to serve drinks and entertain audiences.

He also participates as a contestant at the Art Festival as well as a judge for the Cooking Contest during the Harvest Festival.

He hires Olive as a dancer in the Cabaret Dancer ending.

His PaintingsEdit

  • "Holy Child and Mother Recieve Vestments from Saint Domlot"
  • "Kayden R. Mashir's Miraculous Healing"
  • "Ladat Searches for Real Human Being"
  • "Nondrake Refuses the Angel's Gift"
  • "Prime Minister Neredon and His Secretary"
  • "Saint Rikuni and Her Dream"


  • Back again? Well, get changed, get changed!
  • Magnificent! A masterful performance!
  • Please come back again!
  • Thank you very much.
  • Your duties will be to serve drinks to the guests, and as you become more experienced, to sing and dance for them.

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