"It is science which frees mankind from the fallacies of mysticism."~ Barcleo

Barcleo the Alchemist is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Barcleo is a staunch rationalist who believes everything can be explained through science and that things such as miracles and magic are just scientific phenomena that people don't have the knowledge to fully understand yet. To this end, he provides affordable lectures on science.

If the daughter qualifies for the Researcher ending, he will encourage her to work with him and Comstock in a newly-founded university.


  • Everything in the world can be explained by physics and mathmatics.
  • Mysticism is the product of ignorance. Miracles and sorcery are nothing more than scientific phenomena. It is just right now we lack the knowledge to explain their principles.
  • Science will dispel mysticism and guide mankind into a shining future.
  • This class ends today. Please continue to apply yourselves and don't lose your dedication to science.
  • It is science which frees mankind from the fallacies of mysticism. Come, let us begin our studies.