The Daughter sends some of her works to an art exhibition and receives quite the positive attention for it. With the enthusiastic encouragement of Filkins the Court Artist, she makes use of those art classes she took as a child and becomes an artist herself.

Ranking: Edit

Beta version: "Well, that is not so bad... To each her own."

Refine: "Taking up a post like this is not bad... Everyone has to find their own way..."

Stat RequirementsEdit

Intelligence = Less than 299

Art = At least 80

Additional InformationEdit

If you give her a good sensitivity, she will do even better as an artist! If that's the case, many good things will happen: her artwork will be full of her emotions to the point of making people cry sometimes, Filkins will take the chance to retire and recommend her as his succesor, and her art pieces will be spread all over the nation.

Taking a lot of art classes and regularly attending the Art Festival increase the chances of getting the Artist ending. If she gets her art skill mostly from dancing, she will most likey become a Dancer instead. High intelligence will often make her a Writer.

It is a long-perpetuated myth that having the Master Brush (prize for winning the Art Festival) secretly locks you with the ArtistDancer or Writer ending. It does not. In fact, the artistic endings supersede the other endings only if your art rating is higher than your combat attack or magic attack rating (in other words, the brush does not do it, the art rating given by the brush does it.) You can end the game with the Master Brush and still achieve Ruling Queen, General, Court Magician or any other high ending -- if your combat or magic attack are higher than your Art. It is actually easier and less wasteful to achieve a high social reputation by keeping the Master Brush than by working the bar for Conversation. The easiest way to get an attack higher than your Art with the Master Brush is to max your Magic Attack through Fay's blessings and visits to the elf in the forest.