"She is the same age as you, and is very enthusiastic about martial arts." ~ Cube

Anita Cassandra is one of four potential rivals for Olive in Princess Maker 2. She specializes in armed combat. If Olive's Fighter Reputation is her highest reputation at the age of 14 and it's above 100, she'll taunt Olive after she's attended a class and challenge her to participate in the Combat Tournament. She also works part time at the armory.


Age HP MP Morale
14 250-380 0 250-350
15 280-410 0 270-370
16 310-440 0 290-420
17 340-510 0 310-450
18 390-540 0 330-500

These are approximate ranges for HP and Morale, and they can take many values. Anita's combat attack, skill and defense go up with age, as does her magical skill and defense. If Olive was born in October, she faces an Anita one year older to her, who can be tougher to beat.

Strategy Edit

Anita relies on her HP pool and dodging melee attacks. She's not very tough initially, but with age she gets good combat skill and can land blows on Olive even with combat skill maxed out. Magical attacks work better on her, but don't rely solely on them as she gets decent magical resistance at later ages too. It's a good idea to raise combat defense and to wear good armor while fighting her. Equipping powerful swords gives an edge over her.


  • Don't come to the next Combat Tournament. You'd only embarrass yourself.
  • Ha ha! I heard the you were pretty strong, but now that I've met you, I'm not worried anymore.
  • Hahaha, and so you're fooled into thinking you're so strong. What a laugh!
  • I'm Anita Cassandra. I'm fourteen years old, just like you. I plan to become the greatests swordswoman in the world.
  • If you run away, I'll laugh at you for the rest of your life.
  • So, Olive, You came after all! I won't hold back!
  • You're so stuck up. Your father is famous, so people are probably always pampering and spoiling you.

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