Amusement Park

What choices do you have?Edit

Look around

Option What it does How much time it takes How much it costs
Enter Stress -40 4 hours 3,000 yen
Look around

Get a description of the area

None None
Talk Talk to the admissions person None None
Leave Return to the town map None None

What is happening here?Edit

Special EventsEdit

Be aware that special events may interfere or even disallow visiting friends who would normally be at this location, as encountering the special event may override encountering said friend.

Time Period What is happening Effect of doing this How much time it takes How much it costs
Second Sunday of each month Hero Show* Otaku +3* None* None*

*In order to view the Hero Show, your daugher must enter the Amusement Park, meaning that she pays 3,000 yen, spends 4 hours at the park, and receives a 40 point reduction in stress. Viewing the show does not cost extra or take any additional time, but the Amusement Park's base costs must be met.

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